Tsatsiki, farsan och Olivkriget

Tsatsiki, farsan och OlivkrigetTzatziki, Papa und der Olivenkrieg / Tsatsiki, Dad and the Olive War

Children´s and Youth Films, Sweden 2015, 91 Min., German commentary, 10 years and older

Summer has arrived! And 11-year-old Tsatsiki can hardly wait to spend his holidays with his father in the Greek fishing village of Agios Ammos. This time, he even gets to take along his best mate, Per Hammar. But then it all falls apart. Right before they’re scheduled to fly, Per Hammar hurts himself skateboarding and has to go to the hospital. And in Agios Ammos, nothing is what it used to be. The Greek debt crisis has reached the idyllic village; houses are up for sale and the young residents are all moving to Athens. Tsatsiki’s father’s hotel has almost no bookings. To pay his debts, the father is even considering selling his family hotel and olive groves to dubious investors. Tsatsiki has to think of something quickly to save Agios Ammos. Thankfully, he’s not alone – intrepid young Alva has had an eye on him for awhile.

Director Lisa James Larsson

Screenplay Moni Nilsson

Cast Emrik Ekholm (Tsatsiki), Adam Gutniak (Per Hammer), Sara Vilén (Alva), Liv Mjönes (Mutter)

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