Flickan, Mamman och Demonerna

Flickan, Mamman och DemonernaMädchen, Mutter und Dämonen / The Girl, the Mother and the Demons

Children´s and Youth Films, Sweden 2016, 93 Min., German commentary, 12 years and older

After separating from her boyfriend, Ti’s mother Siri starts behaving in an increasingly odd manner. She barricades herself and her daughter in their apartment, which starts to fill up with trash, and breaks off all contact with the rest of the family. The line between reality and delusion starts to blur. Siri soon starts seeing demons. Then she hears voices commanding her to kill herself. The 8-year-old girl looks on helplessly as her mother slips deeper and deeper into psychosis, while an aunt desperately tries to locate them. “The Girl, the Mother and the Demons” is one of few children’s films that addresses the issue of a parent’s mental illness. Suzanne Osten’s film version of her own novel triggered fierce discussions in Sweden this year.

Director Suzanne Osten

Screenplay Suzanne Osten, Erik Uddenberg

Cast Esther Quigley (Ti) Maria Sundbom (Siri), Maja Embrink (Tante Tamara), Ulrika Nilsson (Lehrerin)


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