Hviskerne - Veasoejorksh

Hviskerne - VeasoejorkshDie Flüsterer / The Whisperers

Children´s and Youth Films, Norway / Canada 2016, 98 Min., sami, engl., norweg. OV, engl. st, 14 years and older

She is at home in the harsh natural landscapes of Norway and Sweden. Ellen-Sara Sparrok Larsen is a young Sami. Her parents carry on the tradition of reindeer husbandry. The family’s life follows the eight seasons of the reindeer migration. Their language, Southern Sami, is spoken by a mere 500 people. But through her smartphone, the television and internet videos, Ellen-Sara has discovered other ways of life. She decides go to California with a student exchange programme. There, she meets singer-songwriter Jack, as well as Native American Blue Eagle, whose tribe has lost its land. Ellen-Sara has to learn to deal with the wider world – while at the same time listening to the voices of her ancestors. In a mixture of documentary and free association sequences, the film tells the story of her search for identity between her traditional roots and the life of a modern Norwegian.

Director David Kinsella

Screenplay Klaas Bense

Cast Ellen Sara Sparrok Larsen, Jack van Cleaf, Chief Blue Eagle

Website www.facebook.com/David-Kinsella-Productions-As-296500830364159/


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