Competition Documentaries, Norway / Palestine 2016, 79 Min., arab. OV, engl. st

Mohamed Jabaly was born in Gaza during the First Intifada, and grew up there during the Second Intifada. In the summer of 2014, after a series of confrontations between Israel and the Palestinians, bombs once again fell on the city, and Jabaly was at a hospital with his camera. The young filmmaker immediately decided that he would not do what the rest of his family does in war – barricade themselves in the house hoping that the next bomb doesn’t fall on them. Instead, Jabaly got into the passenger side of one of the many ambulances that were racing to the centre of the destruction. He not only filmed the EMT crew at work, he became one of them. His direct, unfiltered images document the routines of an ambulance run, but also the unimaginable chaos and human suffering the crew encounters.

Director Mohamed Jabaly

Screenplay Mohamed Jabaly

Cast Abu Marzouq



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