As uz tave pakalbesiu

As uz tave pakalbesiuWhen We Talk About KGB

Competition Documentaries, Lithuania / Italy 2015, 72 Min., lit. OV, engl. st

Stories from Lithuania’s largely unprocessed history as a Soviet state: A young freedom fighter and a KGB officer who grew up in the Soviet era made life-changing decisions. Today they are both contemplating their past. After many years in a psychiatric prison, a dissident is released and returns to his wife. She tries to fill the abyss of his memory by helping him to recall his story. A writer in the underground press who had been sentenced to seven years of Siberian exile decides to meet his former interrogator for a cup of coffee. Thirty years after having been arrested in a hotel in Vilnius and kept in isolation for nine months, a collector of antiques returns to the same hotel to look for answers. “When We Talk about KGB” takes a new look at the grief caused by Soviet crimes and the euphoria over Lithuania’s achievement of freedom.

Director Maximilien Dejoie, Virginija Vareikyte

Screenplay Maximilien Dejoie, Virginija Vareikyte

Cast Algirdas Statkevicius, Julius Sasnauskas, Ona Statkeviciene, Vytautas Skuodis, Vytautas Urbonas, Zigfridas Jankauskas


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