Noma – My Perfect Storm

Noma – My Perfect Storm

Competition Documentaries, Great Britain / Denmark / Spain 2015, 95 Min., dan., engl. swed. span., alban. OV, germ. st, FSK 0

It was deemed absurd and completely impossible when René Redzepi opened Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, where he used exclusively Nordic ingredients; many people simply didn’t take him seriously. But that focus on thoroughly local produce unleashed the creativity of this chef, who was born in Macedonia. He astounded the critics with completely new flavour combinations and ingredients such as moss, tree bark and pollen, and became celebrated for his re-invention of Scandinavian cuisine. In 2010, Noma was named the best restaurant in the world. “Noma – My Perfect Storm” is compelling in its visual aesthetic and it’s nearness to the chef himself. The camera stays on even during crises, for instance when a norovirus threatens the restaurant’s reputation. The film gives us a close-up look at a man who is as unflaggingly creative and funny as he is radical and demanding of his surroundings.

Director Pierre Deschamps

Screenplay Pierre Deschamps

Cast René Redzepi


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