OmpelijatarDie Näherin / Seamstress

Competition Documentaries, Finland 2015, 93 Min., finn. OV, engl. st

In the 1940s, Finland was at war with the Soviet Union. Fear of communist infiltration and spying was omnipresent, and paranoia was rampant. People were arrested and many did not survive their interrogations. Seamstress Martta Koskinen was also tortured. She had been a member of the Finnish Communist Party since World War I. In addition to her political work, she also wrote romantic stories. Ville Suhonen’s cinematic elegy combines archive material, letters, other documents written by Koskinen, and recreations. The film is a calm reconstruction of the life of a strong-willed woman who held fast to her ideals – even when she knew she would have to die for them.

Director Ville Suhonen

Screenplay Ville Suhonen


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