ModusModus - Der Mörder in uns – E1&2

Series, Sweden / Germany 2015, 2 x 45 Min., swed. OV, engl. st

Successful FBI profiler Inger Johanne Vik returns to Sweden after working in the USA for a long time. She is hoping for a quieter life. In the past, she hasn’t had much quality time with her daughter and she wants to change that. When the Christmas season brings with it the first murders in a brutal series, her autistic daughter Stina becomes a witness by pure chance. Inger Johanne is back on the job and it seems she won’t be able to dodge her destiny after all. She identifies the strategic pattern of an international fundamentalist network in the murders – they direct their murders at hurting a single target. A race begins against the murderer, who is killing people around the intended victim. The 8-part series is based on the successful detective novel “Fear Not” by writer and former Norwegian justice minister Anne Holt.

Director Lisa Siwe, Mani Maserrat

Screenplay Mai Brostrøm, Anne Holt, Peter Thorsboe

Cast Melinda Kinnaman (Inger Johanne) Henrik Norlén (Ingvar), Marek Oravec (Richard), Simon J. Berger (Isak Aronson)


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