#Hashtag#Hashtag – E1-8

Series, Sweden 2016, 8 x 15 Min., swed. OV, engl. st, 12 years and older

Take a selfie, post it, share it, like it! Take a selfie, post it, share it, like it! The girls at Maryam’s school don’t seem to do anything in their free time except celebrate each other as BFFs on Instagram. But Maryam isn’t in any of the pictures. She’s isolated in school and spends her afternoons helping her father in his store. Maryam sees a chance for change when she’s paired up with the much-loved blogger Freya to organise the school fair. But good student Maryam becomes nothing more than a vehicle that Freya and her friends use to spend even more time together. When Freya thoughtlessly blurts out a secret about Aju, trouble is inevitable. The 8-part series is based on a true story – in 2012 in Gothenburg, widespread “slut shaming” on an Instagram account led to school riots.

Director Anders Hazelius

Screenplay Jessika Jankert, Lovisa Löwhagen

Cast Aviva Wrede (Maryam), Emma Söderström (Freja), Winny Lopez (Aju), Loa Ek (Bim)


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