Bedre skilt end aldrig

Bedre skilt end aldrigSplitting Up Together – E1-4 / Splitting Up Together

Series, Denmark 2016, 4 x 26 Min., dan. OV, engl. st

Line and Martin have everything a couple could want – children, a house, friends, jobs and family. Just one thing is missing and it’s poisoning their life together – it’s been years since they had sex. The two decide to split up, much to the disbelief of those around them. But implementing the decision is proving difficult. The ex-couple fall at the first hurdle – namely who gets the house. To keep it simple, they decide they’ll both stay in the house, one living downstairs, one upstairs – and switching once a week. Everyone around them tries to bring the two back together and sticks by them, some amused, some in despair, as they work through the split and get ready for a theoretically exciting new life full of sex. The comedy series with eight episodes follows Line and Martin as they try to disentangle their lives from one another – clearly easier said than done under the circumstances.

Director Hella Joof

Screenplay Mette Heeno

Cast Maria Rossing (Line), Peter Plaugborg (Martin), Stine Schrøder Jensen (Maja), Katrine Greis-Rosenthal (Pernille), Esben Dalgaard (Rune), Hanne Uldal (Kirsten),Anders Hove (Hendrik), Kurt Ravn (Leif)

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