SmåstadKleinstadt / Small Town Curtains

Competition Narrative Films, Sweden 2016, 91 Min., swed. OV, engl. st

It starts with a burial – Björn, the deceased’s son, is supposed to give a eulogy for his father, but can’t get a word out. Brother to four sisters, even as a child he was a shy and cautious person. But his father’s last message provides an impetus to make changes in his life. Björn starts to get involved in the theatre world. His sisters have also received video messages that have gotten them thinking in new ways about their jobs and their relationships with their nearest and dearest. With a slightly hypnotic storytelling rhythm, “Small Town Curtains” explores how the death of a loved one can change people. Old home movies are inserted into the film at points, giving the whole thing an eerie authenticity. Director Johan Löfstedt cast his relatives in some roles and the line between documentary and narrative starts to blur.

Director Johan Löfstedt

Screenplay Johan Löfstedt, Anna Potter

Cast Björn Löfstedt, Per Löfstedt, Gunilla Carlsén, Monica Sturzenbecker, Anna Löfstedt, Pelle Löfstedt


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