EmaMutter / Mother

Competition Narrative Films, Estonia 2016, 89 Min., estn. OV, engl. st

In a village where everyone knows everyone, there are no secrets – or so you might have thought. But it’s still not clear who took a shot at the village teacher, Mr Lauri, who’s been in a coma since the incident, nursed with devotion by his mother. It’s also not clear why, shortly before he was shot, he withdrew all his money, which he’d been saving to buy a house. And it’s definitely not clear where the money has gone to. The conspicuously brisk flow of visitors to Lauri’s bedside – from girlfriend to school director, his friend Andres, the police and the class speaker – are all behaving rather oddly. One thing soon does become clear – they all have a dark secret that they want to let go of to the motionless teacher. And is his mother really as calm as she seems? This black village crime comedy full of madcap entanglements is Estonia’s submission for the 2017 foreign-language Oscar.

Director Kadri Kousaar

Screenplay Leana Jalukse, Al Wallcat

Cast Tiina Mälberg (Mutter), Andres Tabun (Vater), Andres Noormets (Aarne), Siim Maaten (Lauri)


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