I blodet

I blodetIm Blut / In the Blood

Competition Narrative Films, Denmark 2016, 104 Min., dan. OV, engl. st

It’s summer in Copenhagen – endless days and carefree nights. As far as Simon is concerned, it could go on this way forever. A medical student, he doesn’t seem to notice that all his friends are moving inexorably towards becoming adults – with jobs and steady relationships. When his three friends decide to sell the shared apartment, even his friendship with Knud starts to show cracks. Unable to take responsibility for himself and his surroundings, Simon can only look on as his friends increasingly distance themselves. Even after falling in love with Emilie, Simon fights any kind of deep connection and continues trying to stop time. Rasmus Heisterberg’s drama is an impressive look at somebody who fights against growing up, shot with a clear feeling for human relationships, which also draws a loving portrait of the city of Copenhagen.

Director Rasmus Heisterberg

Screenplay Rasmus Heisterberg

Cast Kristoffer Bech (Simon), Elliott Crosset Hove (Knud), Aske Bang (Søren), Mads Reuther (Esben), Victoria Carmen Sonne (Emilie), Lea Gregersen (Mia), Zinnini Elkington (Katrine), Esben Dalgaard (Rune)


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