OchentaisieteSiebenundachtzig / Eighty-seven

Filmforum, Finland / Netherlands 2014, 88 Min., span. OV, germ. st

In Ecuador in 1987, a great adventure begins for Pablo, Andres and Juan, when Juan decides to leave home to escape his father’s plan to send him to military school. They hang around and bring supplies to Juan in his hideout, where they meet Carolina, flirt and enjoy their freedom. Then two brief seconds change their lives forever and Pablo is forced to flee the country. Fifteen years later, her returns to Ecuador to face up to his past. What begins as a perfectly normal reunion of friends becomes a haunting drama of guilt and forgiveness. This second feature by the young directing duo was a big hit in Ecuador and is now showing at festivals around the world. The producer Dirk Manthey, originally from Hamburg, spent two years chaperoning the film through production as a tutor at the INCINE film academy in Ecuador.

Director Anahí Hoeneisen, Daniel Andrade

Screenplay Anahí Hoeneisen, Daniel Andrade

Cast Nicolás Andrade (Pablo 1987), Michel Noher (Pablo 2002), Francisco Perez (Andrés 1987), Estefano Bajak (Andrés 2002), Andres Alvarez (Juan), Jessica Barahona (Carolina 1987), Daniela Roepke (Carolina 2002)

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