The Surprise

The SurpriseDie Überraschung

Filmforum, Germany / Netherlands / Belgium / Ireland 2015, 104 Min., OV, engl. st

At 39, Jacob van Zuylen de With has had enough of life and wants to die. He comes across a secretive organisation, disguised as a funeral parlour, which provides full “end of life” services – by discretely sending its “clients” into the hereafter. The cause of death can be selected ahead of time, but Jacob, indecisive as ever, chooses “The Surprise” package – the client is guaranteed death in the near future and the contract can’t be cancelled. The next step is to choose a coffin, which is where he meets Anne de Koning, also a “client” of the secret organisation. After the chance meeting, they go their separate ways. But when days go by and there’s no sign of the grim reaper, Anne makes contact with Jacob and arouses feelings in the otherwise numb rich man. After a few encounters, death suddenly doesn’t seem quite as appealing anymore, but how do you get out of an iron-clad contract?

Director Mike van Diem

Screenplay Mike van Diem

Cast Jeroen van Koningsbrugge (Jacob), Georgina Verbaan (Anne), Jan Decleir (Mueller), Henry Goodman (Jones), Oliver Gatz (Halim)


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