Filmforum, Germany / France 2015, 164 Min., germ., engl. OV, engl. st

In 2005, the German actor Joachim Fuchsberger said that the tasks on his early sixties game show “Nur nicht nervös werden” were originally developed by American psychiatrists. Lutz Dammbeck decided to research the veracity of the claim and travelled to the U.S., where he spoke to game show developers. During his research, he stumbled across a book by Charles M. Brickner that ascribed severe paranoia to the post-war generation of Germans. The director followed that thread and uncovers a re-education programme for Germans that the United States launched after World War II. That in turn raises the question of what defines normality and leads the film to its grand topic – the history of the idea of permanent revolution. The film features game show directors and producers, psychiatrists, anthropologists and paranoiacs of every stripe.

Director Lutz Dammbeck

Screenplay Lutz Dammbeck

Cast Maggy van Ostrand, Philip Zimbardo, Rick Prelinger, Bob Noah, Bob Boden, Michael Brockman

Trailer https://youtu.be/AxqV_cAvzY4

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