Bach in Brazil

Bach in Brazil

Filmforum, Germany 2014, 91 Min., germ., port. OV, germ. st, FSK 0

An old childhood friend of Marten’s unexpectedly leaves him an original piece of sheet music by Johann Sebastian Bach. The only condition is that Marten must travel to Brazil to accept the inheritance in person, a nightmare for the music teacher, who hates travelling. But thanks to Marianne’s powers of persuasion, he finally bites the bullet and goes to the sleepy city of Ouro Preto, famed for its Baroque architecture. A lover of classical music, Marten can hardly believe it when he holds the precious music in his hands. But the joy doesn’t last long. He is mugged by a gang of street thugs. In despair, he turns to Candido, who says he can get the sheet back, under one condition – Marten must agree to teach music in the juvenile detention centre. Along with Dirk Manthey (“Eighty-seven”), Ansgar Ahlers was awarded the Cinegate prize for his short film “Taxi to Daydream” (NFL 2008). The idea for “Bach in Brazil” was born while he was shooting “Daydream”.

Director Ansgar Ahlers

Screenplay Ansgar Ahlers, Soern Menning

Cast Edgar Selge (Marten), Pablo Vinicius (Fernando), Franziska Walser (Marianne), Aldri da Anunciacao (Candido)


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