Den Starkaste. En berättelse från ishavet

Den Starkaste. En berättelse från ishavetDer Stärkste. Eine Erzählung aus dem Eismeer / The Strongest. A Tale from the Arctic Sea

Retrospective, Sweden 1929, 97 Min., silent, swed. it

Even on land in the northern reaches, the veteran rifleman Ole and the young sailor Gustav competed for the affections of Ingeborg, daughter of skipper Larsen. When they later meet again on the Arctic Sea, hunting seals and polar bears, the contest resumes. Ole assumes that it was Gustav who beat him up and stole his gun the year before, so his animosity towards his superior rival solidifies into intransigent hate. “The Strongest” captivates with its authentic footage of hunting on the Arctic Sea. Peter Cowie said of the film, “The central theme of Sjöberg’s film is humans in a battle with the elements”. As one of the skippers says, the law out here “is on the side of the strongest”.

Silent Movie Concert with live musical improvisation.

The musicians:
Fabian Luchterhandt and Anna Ludwikowska, Organ and Concept
Vera Seedorf, Percussion
Marion Krall, Voice
Laila Nysten, Violine
Conductor and Electronic Music: Franz Danksagmüller

In collaboration with Musikhochschule Lübeck.

Director Alf Sjöberg, Axel Lindblom

Screenplay Axel Lindblom

Cast Gun Holmquist (Ingeborg), Bengt Djurberg (Gustav), Anders Henrikson (Ole), Hjalmar Peters (Larsen)

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