NeitoperhoDie Nacht des Schmetterlings / The Collector

Retrospective, Finland 1997, 98 Min., finn. OV, engl. st

Eevi lives a slacker’s life with her sister Ami, an arrangement that works fine until Ami wants to move in with her girlfriend and Eevi finds herself out in the cold. So Eevi sets the apartment on fire, steals Ami’s car and her money, and sets out on an aimless trip to seek new closeness and love. The first victim of Eevi’s yearning is the young hitchhiker Jusu, whom she picks up at a roadside rest stop; butterfly collector Anja becomes the second, whereby Eevi’s declarations of love are not exactly the epitome of tenderness ... In her debut, Auli Mantila was already exploring women’s potential for violence, by switching the sex roles in her film version of John Fowles’ novel “The Collector” (previously filmed by William Wyler in 1965). She succeeded in creating a disturbing portrait of a disturbed protagonist, whose journey into the heart of an autumnal darkness is as horrifying as it is fascinating.

Director Auli Mantila

Screenplay Auli Mantila

Cast Leea Klemola (Eevi), Elina Hurme (Ami), Rea Mauranen (Anja), Henriikka Salo (Helena), Robin Svartström (Jusu)

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