Bye Bye Bluebird

Bye Bye Bluebird

Retrospective, Denmark 1999, 95 Min., faroese OV, germ. st, FSK 12

When Rannvá and Barba unexpectedly appear on the quay in Tórshavn, their brash outfits, garishly dyed hair, and self-confident demeanour causes a genuine sensation in the sleepy town in the North Atlantic. It emerges that they are there to clear up some family matters. Which is why the somewhat alcohol-addled fisherman Rúni is called upon to drive the two young women across the Faroe archipelago in his old Ford. The road trip is full of droll events, as bit by bit the two passengers dispense with their flashy make-up, while learning to enjoy life and assume responsibility for their actions. “Bye Bye Bluebird” is a road movie, comedy, and melodrama all rolled into one, as well as a journey through wonderful landscapes, and a film about mothers and daughters, and the tension between the yearning for freedom and the traditional attitude toward life.

Director Katrin Ottarsdóttir

Screenplay Katrin Ottarsdóttir

Cast Hildigunn Eydfinnsdóttir (Rannvá), Sigri Mitra Gaini (Barba), Johan Dalsgaard (Rúni), Elin K. Mouritsen (Barbas Mutter), Petter Hesse Overgaard (Barbas Stiefvater), Nora Bærentsen (Rannvás Mutter), Egi Damm (Rannvás Vater)

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