BridgendDorf der verlorenen Jugend

Children´s and Youth Films, Denmark 2015, 104 Min., engl. OV, 16 years and older

Sara and her father Dave have moved to a small village in south Wales. The coast is not far away, and the landscape is marked by misty forests and rich green meadows. The village’s young people are quirky, but friendly. But when Dave takes up his new post as the town’s police officer, he is charged with investigating a strange phenomenon. More and more of the younger villagers are taking their own lives. There are no suicide notes to explain why. While the police attempt to figure out what’s going on, Sara is drawn closer to the local teenagers and their rituals, eventually falling in love with one of the boys. When her father tries to protect her, he ends up driving her deeper into the conflicts simmering in the village. With arresting images and strong acting, director Jeppe Rønde’s drama is based on his research into the Welsh town of Bridgend, which became known as “suicide town” in 2008.

Director Jeppe Rønde

Screenplay Jeppe Rønde, Torben Bech, Peter Asmussen

Cast Hannah Murray (Sara), Steven Waddington (Dave), Josh O'Connor (Jamie), Adrian Rawlins (Vikar), Elinor Crawley (Laurel), Scott Arthur (Thomas)


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