BjørnøyaBäreninsel / Bear Island

Competition Documentaries, Norway 2014, 82 Min., norweg. OV, engl. st

The three brothers had long been fixated on the idea of a surfing trip to Bear Island. The remote bit of land in the Arctic Ocean is uninhabited apart from a weather station and a few polar bears. And while it has never really emerged as a surfing mecca, the harsh and inhospitable island appears at its best in the film. The boys happily turn the wild natural landscape into a recreation grounds – snowboarding, paragliding, zip lining and – after a few weeks of waiting – finally surfing. What gives the film its power is that the camera was kept running even when there was conflict, which is inevitable on a trip like this. The sibling bond is put to the test and not only when Inge wants to go home early to be with his pregnant girlfriend, or the melting snow turns their trip back to their supply base into a nightmare.

Director Inge Wegge

Screenplay Inge Wegge, Edda Grjotheim

Website www.bjørnø


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