I Want to be Weird

I Want to be Weird

Competition Documentaries, Iceland 2015, 74 Min., engl., iceland., germ. OV, engl. st

Kitty Von-Sometime originally launched the experiment with friends, but at this point, women from all over the world volunteer to participate in the conceptual artist’s “Weird Girls” Project. The British-born, Iceland-based provocateur has produced 16 episodes so far, most of them avant-garde music videos featuring women costumed in flashy spandex performing group choreography. In the process, the participants come to inhabit a collective safe space where they can rediscover their bodies – free of the influence of the Western media’s distorted ideals. In the film, the artist provides insight into her work and reflects on her background and motivations, as well as the project’s financial struggles. Behind-the-scenes footage reveals both the fun and the painstaking work that goes into the increasingly ambitious episodes.

Director Brynja Dögg Fridriksdóttir

Screenplay Adrienne Grierson, Brynja Dögg Fridriksdóttir

Website www.iwanttobeweird.com


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