Äidin toive

Äidin toiveMutterwünsche / Mother's Wish

Competition Documentaries, Finland 2015, 85 Min., OV, engl. st

A market vendor in Nepal, a night club dancer in Mexico’s Tijuana, a visitor to death row in an American prison, an astronaut on the ISS. There is something so universal that it unites all these women. They are all mothers. Director Joonas Berghäll travelled to various parts of the world with his camera to find women who have children, or are about to become mothers. They have not always had simple lives. They were thrown out by their own parents, lost children, fled from sexual abuse or had to learn to live with illness. Yet each one of them is determined to give everything they have for their offspring. In this cinematic montage of their stories, it becomes clear that something else besides motherhood unites them – the yearning, which is ultimately political, for a safer and more just world for their children.

Director Joonas Berghäll

Screenplay Joonas Berghäll, Anna Nykyri, Timo Vierimaa


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