Her er Harold

Her er HaroldHere is Harold

Specials, Norway 2014, 95 Min., norweg., swed. OV, engl. st

Harold and Marny have carved out a comfortable life. The couple jointly operate a successful furniture shop in Bergen, Norway. That is, until an Ikea superstore opens directly across the street: big, blue and dirt cheap. It only takes a half-year for the Swedish giant to drive their long-established family business to the ground. To make matters even worse, Marny begins showing signs of dementia. Now Harold has nothing left to lose – and a devious idea. He will strike at Ikea’s only vulnerability by kidnapping its founder Ingvar Kamprad. While on his quest in Sweden, he meets a lonely teenager eager to be his accomplice – and encounters Kamprad in the flesh. However, the executive is a little too willing to be kidnapped. A quirky and contemplative comedy about a sore loser who realizes he’s still needed.

Director Gunnar Vikene

Screenplay Gunnar Vikene

Cast Bjørn Sundquist (Harold), Bjørn Granath (Ingvar), Fanny Ketter (Ebba), Grethe Selius (Marny), Vidar Magnussen (Jan)

Website www.trustnordisk.com/film/2014-here-harold


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