HrútarSture Böcke / Rams

Competition Narrative Films, Iceland 2015, 93 Min., iceland. OV, engl. st

Brothers Gummi and Kiddi are the heirs to an old sheep-breeding dynasty. They live alone with their sheep on adjacent plots of their ancestral land. And haven’t spoken a word to each other in some forty years. Kiddi is a firebrand who, at one point, fires shots at his brother’s windows in the middle of the night. Gummi, by contrast, is more of a loveable loner. When the fear that Kiddi’s animals might have caught an infectious, incurable sheep disease comes true, all the farmers in the valley face ghastly repercussions – they are required to kill their flocks. Gummi’s response is resourceful, but Kiddi reaches for the bottle. The question is when they will finally realize they can only pull through together. This heartfelt film, sprinkled with dry humour, shows its greatest strengths at its most tragic moments.

Director Grímur Hákonarson

Screenplay Grímur Hákonarson

Cast Sigurdur Sigurjónsson (Gummi), Theódór Júlíusson (Kiddi), Charlotte Bøving (Katrin)



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