Polizeiruf 110: Liebeswahn

Alarm 110: Love DeliriumPolizeiruf 110: Liebeswahn / Polizeiruf 110: Liebeswahn

Filmforum, Germany 2013, 90 Min.

The Rostock-based inspectors Alexander Bukow and Katrin König are investigating in a brutal murder case. The victim, a teacher, died from having his tongue cut out and choking on the blood. Initially it seems that the Russian mafia is behind the torturous murder, and another clue leads to the S&M scene in Hamburg. But the investigations come to nothing. Then Katrin König is assaulted and Bukow and his family are threatened by a stalker as the case begins to run wild in a nerve-racking race against time.

Director Thomas Stiller

Screenplay Thomas Stiller

Cast Anneke Kim Sarnau (Katrin König), Charly Hübner (Alexander Bukow), Uwe Preuss (Henning Röder), Josef Heynert (Volker Thiesler), Fanni Staffa (Vivian Bukow)

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