„We lived to see it” – The Ghetto in Riga"Wir haben es doch erlebt" - Das Ghetto von Riga / „Wir haben es doch erlebt“ – Das Ghetto von Riga

Filmforum, Germany 2013, 98 Min.

About 22,000 jews were deported from the German Reich to Riga between November 1941 and October 1942. Just before their arrival, 27,000 Latvian Jews were murdered in only two days in Riga to make space for the new arrivals. Thousands of the deported were also shot directly upon their arrival. Those who survived to make it into the ghetto suffered years of torment and faced certain death. Jürgen Hobrecht spent several years collecting data for his documentary film, in which some of the 1073 survivors of the massacre speak for the first time of their ghetto experiences and their traumatized lives.

Director Jürgen Hobrecht

Screenplay Jürgen Hobrecht

Website www.phoenix-medienakademie.com

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