Si-o-se Pol

Si-o-se Pol

Filmforum, Germany 2013, 82 Min.

The fatally ill Iranian Parvis wants to be reconciled with his daughter Nasrin before he dies. He travels to Spain with group of illegal immigrants and makes his way through Madrid where he suspects his daughter's whereabouts. He encounters two migrants in trouble: the Italian Fabrizio, a failed pianist who works as a cleaner and Almut, a spoiled young German girl who followed her boyfriend to Madrid and now seeks her place in life while dreaming of running a jewellery shop.Together, they search for his daughter. Parvis rediscovers hope and his optimism helps motivate Fabrizio and Almut to escape their lethargy. The three of them follow a lead northwards in Almut's car.

Director Henrik Peschel

Screenplay Henrik Peschel

Cast Ramin Yazdani (Parvis Karimpour), Christian Concilio (Fabrizio), Pheline Roggan (Almut), Abdelatif Hwidar (Nazir Al Hamdoun), Sadreddin Zahed (Gastwirt Dariush)



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