Roald Amundsen - Lincoln Ellsworths flyveekspedisjon 1925

Roald Amundsen - Lincoln Ellsworth's Polar Flight 1925Roald Amundsen - Lincoln Ellsworths flyveekspedisjon 1925 / Amundsens Polarflug 1925

Retrospective, Norway 1925, 107 Min.

Funded and accompanied by the American millionaire heir Lincoln Ellsworth, Amundsen makes a second attempt at reaching the North Pole. The expedition starts on 21 May 1925 in Ny-Ålesund with two Dornier Wal seaplanes, however, they are required to make an emergency landing eight hours later at 87° 44 northern latitude. The six members of the expedition struggle heavily as they spend three weeks building an airstrip in the pack ice. They return to Spitsbergen in a modified machine - and are enthusiastically met upon their return to Oslo. The Spitsbergen footage was shot by Paul Berge, and the footage from the flights and on the ice was shot by Oscar Omdal.

Director Paul Berge, Oscar Omdal


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