Moderne Ruinen – Piramida

Modern Ruins - PiramidaModerne Ruinen – Piramida / Moderne Ruinen – Piramida

Retrospective, Germany 2011, 52 Min.

The world's northernmost grand piano is situated there, as is the world's northmost statue of Lenin. Silent, abandoned. Throughout more than fifty years, the Russians and the Ukrainians dug coal out of the name-giving mountain. An international agreement from 1920 gave them the right to do so. The socialist dream shattered on Spitsbergen after the fall of the Soviet Union. Russia closed down Piramida in 1998. Now other parties are interested in the modern ruin: archaeologists and photographers are examining the remnants of what the coal workers left behind. Seagulls are occupying the residential buildings' empty windows. Workers are trying to restore the place as a tourist attraction for international travellers. And young musicians are seeking for the new “sound” of Piramida where the conveyor belts used to drone and the northernmost grand piano used to play.

Director Markus Reher

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