BitchkramZickenalarm / Bitch Hug

Children´s and Youth Films, Sweden 2012, 101 Min., 14 years and older

Kristin is fed up with small town life. She finds school annoying, and her sister Linn, too. Thankfully, school will soon be over and then she won't have to see Linn anymore, either! As soon as she graduates, she will leave her small town and fly to the city of her dreams: New York! She even has a job waiting for her: the chief editor of the local newspaper has commissioned her to write regular reports from the city that never sleeps. But then Kristin actually misses her flight to New York. Frustrated and afraid of being teased, she sees no other option than to have her firend Andrea move in with her. The two of them are style and fashion conscious and so they begin to design their own “virtual” New York at the computer, from which Kristin has many inspirational experiences to report.

Director Andreas Öhman

Screenplay Andreas Öhman, Jonathan Sjöberg

Cast Linda Molin (Kristin), Fanny Ketter (Andrea), Mathilda von Essen (Linn), Adam Lundgren (Gustav), Antoni Norén Almén (Arthur)



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