Reisen til julestjernen

Journey to the Christmas StarReisen til julestjernen / Die Legende vom Weihnachtsstern

Children´s and Youth Films, Norway 2012, 77 Min., 8 years and older

As she flees from a band of thieves, 14-year-old Sonja hides in the royal store room where she hears something incredible: After the king's daughter got lost in the dark forest in search of the Christmas Star, the sad king cursed the glowing star which then disappeared from the sky. Only a few days remain before Christmas, in which to find the star and his daughter. Touched by his tale, Sonja offers to help. Thus begins a fantastic adventurev in which Sonja encounters not only magic wood elves but also Father Christmas! However, she is tailed by a few sinister characters ... Nils Gaup has landed a Christmas hit with his adaptation of a popular Norwegian Christmas play, starting off more successfully than “James Bond”.

Director Nils Gaup

Screenplay Kamilla Krogsveen

Cast Vilde Marie Zeiner (Sonja), Anders Baasmo Christensen (König), Agnes Kittelsen (Hexe), Evy Kasseth Røsten (Magd Petrine), Jakob Oftebro (Knecht Ole)



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