FatherTévas / Vater

Documentary, Lithuania 2012, 60 Min.

Vidas Zenonas Antonovas' grandfather had 18 children and now his grandson is following suit. He already has ten children and two grandchildren - just now another baby was born. Vidas Antonovas has spent twenty years of his life in jail; in Soviet times he was even considered a dangerous criminal. He supposedly robbed a total of one million rubles; he even hijacked a plane. Antonovas used to be known as “the father of the mafia”. Now the 71-year-old presents himself on-screen as a family man, a potent patriarch who still has a gang-leader aura about him. Antonovas has a certificate that proves him to be the oldest father of a newborn in Lithuania. It is his aim to become the oldest genitor on the planet. He is working on it.

Director Marat Sargsyan


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