Insellicht - Usedomer Bilder

Filmforum, Germany 2005, 93 Min.

Insellicht - Usedomer Bilder

Impressed by the Wilhelminian architecture along the endless beaches of Usedom, many visitors miss out on the many facets of the Baltic coastline landscape. The painters Sabine Curio, Oskar Manigk, Matthias Wegehaupt and Volker Köpp open up perspectives. Beyond the common clichés, they and their paintings guide us through nature's play of colours and the "island atmospheres" throughout the four seasons. A little offhandedly, the film conveys an understanding of modern artistic positions – past and present – that refused to adapt to Socialist realism (e.g. Otto Niemeyer-Holstein, Otto Manigk, Herbert Wegehaupt, Rolf Werner). Simultaneously, the film mirrors the dreamy attitude towards life that is, and always has been, so immanent to the marine baths.

Director Heinz Brinkmann

Screenplay Heinz Brinkmann

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