My Love Affair With Marriage

My Love Affair With Marriage

Narrative Features, Latvia / USA / Luxemburg 2022, 108 Min., engl. OV

As a young girl, Zelda was already searching for her dream prince, acting just the way everyone expected her to as a girl. But deep inside, something was rebelling, a nascent resistance to conventional ideas about love and marriage. The film's expressive animation has boisterous Zelda’s back. In socialist Latvia in the 1970s and ‘80s, she’s like an colourful, anarchic creature challenging society’s condition. In her fantasies, Zelda transforms into a hissing cat, showing her claws. An uptight women’s choir tries to put her back on the straight and narrow with kitschy songs about the power of love. An off-camera voice describes the chemical processes taking place in Zelda’s body and brain, illustrated in absurd sequences. Slowly but surely, Zelda learns to live out her idiosyncrasies and become truer to herself.

Director Signe Baumane

Screenplay Signe Baumane

Producer Roberts Vinovskis, Sturgis Warner, Signe Baumane, Raoul Nadalet

Production Company

Studio Locomotive, Bruņinieku iela 28 – 57, 1011 Riga, Mail:, Web:

World Sales

New Europe Film Sales, Czerniakowska 73/79, 00-718 Warschau, Mail:, Web:

Cast Dagmara Dominczyk (Zelma), Michele Pawk (Biology), Matthew Modine (Bo)



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