Patient and the Undersigned

Patient & Undertecknad / Patient and the Undersigned

Nordic Shorts, Sweden 2021, 16 Min., sw. OV, engl. st

The news reaches Laura unexpectedly, hitting her like a blow. Her psychologist wants to end her therapy. He initially dodges her request for an explanation. It’s only with the sweeping choreography of the camera movements, the precisely placed close-ups, and the actors' intense performances as they slowly open up that an impermissible desire unfolds with increasing intensity.

Director Elin Övergaard

Producer Hanna Hannerz Simå, Tove Myrne Widfors

Production Company


Cast Léonie Vincent (Laura), Armand Mirpour (Theo)

Premiere Internationale Premiere

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03.11.2022 16:00 Kino Koki
04.11.2022 22:15 Stadthalle Hall 1