Nordic Shorts, Sweden 2022, 14 Min., sw. OV, engl. st

MAN and WOMAN, as though modelled on the rules of trash TV. The love that was kindled there fails. The perplexed director intervenes in the discussion about their separation. How to go on with the film? Scenes of a life without one another unfold in the analogue film material's soft pastel colours – until longing reunites Hampus and Olivia as they dance, dreamlike, under harsh neon lights.

Director Kim Ekberg

Producer Hanna Hannerz, Elin Bennett

Production Company

Nordantill film, Tunnbindaregatan 37, 60221 Norrköping, Mail: post@nordantill.se, Web: http://nordantill.se/

Cast Olivia Ring Hedlund, Hampus Ekberg

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02.11.2022 22:15 Stadthalle 1 Link Cinestar
05.11.2022 19:00 Kino Koki