81 Meters

81 Metrs 81 Meters

Nordic Shorts, Latvia 2022, 14 Min., latv. OV, engl. st

Spring 2021: while the virus rages, cinemas must remain closed. An enthusiastic cinephile goes on a foray through the disappearing landscape of Latvian movie theatres. Using Super-8 footage of facades and interiors, he discovers the cinema as an indestructible living and experiential space, inextricably linked to the country’s history , as well as formative biographical moments.

Director Jānis Ābele

Screenplay Jānis Ābele

Producer Dita Birkensteina, Jānis Ābele

Production Company

Chaland Films, Vagonu iela 24A, 1009 Riga

Premiere Deutsche Premiere

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03.11.2022 22:15 Stadthalle 1 Link Cinestar
04.11.2022 11:30 Filmhaus 1 Link Cinestar