Kierre / Spiral

Nordic Shorts, Finland 2022, 19 Min., sw. OV, engl. st

Old scars reopen when the ballet teacher Anna meets the mother of her new student, Victoria. The fleeting encounter awakens memories of long-ago school dramas. When the feeling of humiliation pushes its way into the relationship with Victoria, a subtle power game begins that transcends the control and elegance of the dance movements and quickly turns into cruelty.

Director Salla Sorri, Eva-Maria Koskinen

Screenplay Eva-Maria Koskinen

Producer Paria Eskandari

Production Company

Aamu Film Company Ltd / Elokuvayhtiö Oy Aamu Ab, Hiihtomäentie 34, 00800 Helsinki, Mail: info@aamufilmcompany.fi, Web: www.aamufilmcompany.fi

World Sales

Raina Film Festival Distribution, Punatulkuntie 3 A 3, 00730 Helsinki, Mail: info@rainafilms.com, Web: www.rainafilms.com

Festival Contact

The Finnish Film Foundation (SES), Kanavakatu 12, 00160 Helsinki, Mail: ses@ses.fi, Web: www.ses.fi

Cast Alma Pöysti (Anna), Linda Zilliacus (Jasmine), Vivian Taht (Victoria)

Premiere Deutsche Premiere

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03.11.2022 13:00 Kino Koki
05.11.2022 22:15 Stadthalle Hall 1