Reindeer Corral

Eallu – Girdnu / Reindeer Corral

Immersion 360°, Norway, 7 Min.

In this 360° film, the audience is standing at the heart of a reindeer herd moving around it in a circular motion, experiencing a taste of the great forces that the animals exert. Director Elle Márjá Eira comes from a family of reindeer herders. She followed in their footsteps, as they made the annual migration from the winter to summer grazing grounds, the peak of the Sámi year.

Director Elle Márjá Eira

Festival Contact

International Sámi Film InstituteGuoudageaidnu, Mail:, Web:

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03.11.2022 20:30 InfinityDome
04.11.2022 16:30 InfinityDome
05.11.2022 18:45 InfinityDome
06.11.2022 16:15 InfinityDome