The Store

Butiken / The Store

Narrative Features, Sweden / Italy 2022, 143 Min., sw., russ., gr. OV, engl. st

Eleni, a single mother, works as a supermarket manager. The pressure the young woman experiences from her superiors is immediately passed on to her employees. Breaks and chats with customers are frowned upon. New goods have to be ordered and then put out on the shelves. If the line for the cashier is too long, then even going to the WC is prohibited. A discount grocery store as a world in the world, where the principle of performance is taken to ad absurdum extremes. In animated sequences, the aisles of shelves are transformed into a grotesque setting and the actors become distorted images of themselves, puppet-like peons. That alienation effect leads to the audience view of the social realities becoming clearer and more compassionate. In front of the supermarket, homeless people are waiting for food that has passed its best-by date. A friendly rapprochement develops between them and the employees, making solidarity seem possible.

Director Ami-Ro Sköld

Screenplay Ami-Ro Sköld

Producer Lovisa Charlier

Production Company

Onoma Productions, Mail:, Web:

Festival Contact

Swedish Film Institute, Borgvaegen 1-5, 10525 Stockholm, Mail:, Web:

Cast Eliza Sica (Eleni), Daysury Valencia (Jackie), Arbi Alviati (Aadin), Eleftheria Gerofoka (Zoya), Lana Chahto (Fadi), Alisa Sofia Paulsen (Kira), Linda Faith (Eva), Fredrik Evers (Karsten)

Premiere Deutsche Premiere


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