Die Wallfahrt nach Kevlaar

Die Wallfahrt nach KevlaarThe Pilgrimage to Kevlaar

Events, Germany 2021

Silent film concert in St. Jakobi Church - "The Pilgrimage to Kevlaar"
With its four historical organs spread around the room, and the capability of placing the instrumentalist in its various lofts, St. Jakobi church is a venue that guarantees an impressive musical experience at this extraordinary concert, performed by students of the organ, percussion, and contrabass, playing alongside the singers. A small choir will underscore the feelings of the pilgrim’s journey to Kevlaar. We will hear the sounds of the hymns and psalms suggested by the film. Electronic instruments intensify, distort, and modify the analogue improvisations, opening up an additional world of sound. The various instruments will be audible both individually and in combination; sometimes more than one person will even play the same organ. And all four organs will also play together, joining to create a powerful sculpture of sound.

The musical concept for the concert was developed by Sarah Proske, a student at the Lübeck Academy of Music, as her semester project in “improvisation, composition, new media” in church music, under the leadership of prof. Franz Danksagmüller.

Vocals: Merle Gross
Percussion: Sergio Javier Fernández Alvarado
Contrabass: Joscha Hartmann
Organ and choir: Maja Vollstedt, Fabian Luchterhandt, Chiara Perneker, Valentin Manss, Hanna Freye, Karin Lorenz, Oliver Tjabben, Gregor Früh
Concept and organ: Sarah Proske
Director: Franz Danksagmüller

Thursday, Nov. 4, 2021, 7:30 pm, doors open at 6:45
St. Jakobi, Lübeck
€ 12 / discounted € 8
Advance ticket sales at the CineStar cinema and online.

Jakobi is heated. Nonetheless, we recommend dressing warmly.

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