Series, Norway 2021, 2 x 30 Min., norw., engl. OV, engl. st

Irrepressible and warm-hearted, social worker Pørni is there for everybody. At home, she takes care of her restless father, who wants to enjoy life; her children, who are beginning to assert their independence and make their own plans; and her ex-husband, who rarely meets his parental obligations. At work, she confidently makes sure that there is harmony in her case families. She wants nothing but the best for others and for herself – in exactly that order. In this heart-warming comedy, Pørni goes about her daily tasks in high spirits, while at the same time attempting to keep a piece of life’s pie for herself – sometimes secretly, sometimes awkwardly, but always with comedic results. When attractive men make advances to her, Pørni accepts the challenge of trying to reconcile two things – being a good mother and living her own (adult) life. It is not always easy.

Series Creator Henriette Steenstrup

Director Gunnar Vikene, Charlotte Blom

Screenplay Henriette Steenstrup

Producer Bård Fjulsrud

Production Company Monster Scripted AS, Mølleparken 2, 0459 Oslo, Mail: post@monstermail.no, Web: www.monstersite.no

World Sales Keshet International, 12 Raul Valenberg Street, 697 19 10 Tel Aviv, Web: www.keshetinternational.com

Cast Henriette Steenstrup (Pørni), Vivild Falk Berg (Hanna), Ebba Jacobsen Öberg(Sigrid), Jon Ranes (Leo), Nils Ole Oftebro (Ole Johan)

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