Series, Iceland 2021, 2 x 30 Min., icel. OV, engl. st

Vikingur and Darri are actors. But while Darri appears to have a hotline to Hollywood, Vikingur is floundering in career stagnation. The old friends take to the road for a visit to Vikingur’s old stomping grounds, Iceland’s Westfjord region. Darri has trouble letting go. Spoiled by success, fine dining, and chic hotels, he confronts his pal about the latter’s failures and setbacks. Vikingur tries to make a virtue of necessity. He lives an abstemious, celibate life and uses intense meditation to try to learn from his life crisis. During their road trip, the two buddies’ diverse approaches to life clash, at times harshly, which lands them in some absurd situations. Success apparently brings no protection against embarrassment. Yet nothing can really shake their old friendship. The characters shine with Icelandic star power, skilled acting, and humour, leading viewers to believe that the two leads are exactly who they are.

Series Creator Víkingur Kristjánsson

Director Baldvin Z

Screenplay Víkingur Kristjánsson, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson

Producer Arnbjörg Hafliðadóttir, Andri Ómarsson

Production Company Glassriver, Borgartún 24, 105 Reykjavik, Mail:, Web:

World Sales Keshet International, 12 Raul Valenberg Street, 697 19 10 Tel Aviv, Web:

Cast Víkingur Kristjánsson, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Þórunn Arna Kristjánsdóttir

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