Series, Finland 2021, 2 x 50 Min., OV, eng. st

How far must you go for a good life? Kiki is secretly planning to flee Eritrea, and hopes that she, her husband, and daughter will be able to escape to her father Ranska in Finland. With the military knocking at their door, everything must happen very quickly. In a mad rush, the family sets off for the dangerous Mediterranean crossing to Europe, but they get separated along the way. At the same time, the petty criminal Riku is stumbling through a life of debt and larceny in grey Helsinki. He desperately needs cash. When he steals Ranska’s delivery van, he initially doesn’t notice that the cargo is a refugee family. But when he does realise it, he sees it as his chance to earn some quick money. The lawyer and human rights activist Maria has been trying in vain for years to adopt a child. When her dreams are shattered once again, she meets an unaccompanied refugee child and thinks it was destined to be.

Series Creator Matti Kinnunen

Director Matti Kinnunen

Screenplay Matti Kinnunen, Johanna Hartikainen, Tarja Kylmä, Veikko Aaltonen

Producer Kirsi Hatara, Rea Dominicy, Joonas Hytönen

Production Company FremantleMedia Finland Oy, Televisiokatu 4, 00240 Helsinki, Web: www.fremantle.fi

World Sales Fremantle, 1 Stephen Street, London W1T 1AL, Mail: info@fremantle.com, Web: www.fremantle.no

Cast Johannes Holopainen (Riku), Evelyn Rasmussen Osazuwa (Kiki), Oona Airola (Maria)

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