Ein großes Versprechen

Ein großes VersprechenQuiet Freedom

Filmforum, Germany 2021, 90 Min., ger. OV, engl. st

The long-married couple Juditha and Erik are happy. Their daughter is now an adult, and despite all the past marital ups and downs, they have a fulfilling life. Erik's retirement is finally at hand – even if the dedicated university professor does find it difficult to say goodbye to his job. But that is not the only thing to cast a shadow on their shared future life as retirees and grandparents. Juditha's multiple sclerosis, which was under control for years, begins to worsen mercilessly. She struggles to maintain her steadily dwindling independence, while shame prevents her from seeking assistance. Erik does as much as he can for her, but finds the confines of domesticity both oppressing and overwhelming. Despite all the love, they are unable to talk about their thwarted hopes and their fears for each other, which causes their shared life to start slipping from their grasp. With subtle observations and an outstanding pair of actors, Wendla Nölle's debut film tells of a great love that is tragically crossed by fate.

Director Wendla Nölle

Screenplay Greta Lorez

Producer Andrea Schütte, Nikola Bock, Dirk Decker

Production Company TAMTAM FILM GmbH, Behringstr. 16a, 22765 Hamburg, Mail: mail@tamtamfilm.com, Web: www.tamtamfilm.com

World Sales Pluto Film Distribution Network GmbH, Bayreuther Str. 9, 10789 Berlin, Mail: info@plutofilm.de, Web: www.plutofilm.de

Distributor Filmperlen Verleih + Agentur, Zugspitzstr. 29, 85757 Karlsfeld b. München, Web: www.filmperlen.com

Cast Rolf Lassgård (Erik), Dagmar Manzel (Juditha), Anna Blomeier (Sarah), Wolfram Koch (Hans)

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