GewohnheitstierCreature of Habit

Filmforum, Germany 2021, 16 Min., ger. OV

Wilfried is a clerk. His unchanging daily routine is excitement-free. Until one morning Wilfried discovers a young man in his kitchen drawer. Willi simply appears, making himself at home in Wilfried’s life and creating cartloads of chaos. And then Willi even shows up at the office – as the new hire.

Director Jano Kaltenbach

Screenplay Jano Kaltenbach

Producer Jano Kaltenbach

Production Company Jano Kaltenbach Medienproduktion, Prager Straße 1a/67, 99427 Weimar, Mail:, Web:

Cast Sten Mitteis (Wilfried), Tino Kühn (Willi)

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