Geboren in Ravensbrück

Geboren in RavensbrückBorn in Ravensbrück

Filmforum, Germany 2021, 45 Min., ger., ukr. OV, ger. st

How is it possible to commemorate something about which you have absolutely no memory? Can you live your life as an eyewitness if you cannot give testimony as a survivor? These are the questions that plague Ingelore Prochnow, one of the last living concentration camp survivors. Her mother was pregnant when she was deported to the women’s concentration camp Ravensbrück because she had “intercourse with a Pole”. Ingelore was born in the camp and lived there until liberation, when she was one year old – a fact she did not learn until she was an adult. Ingelore then began to search for her history, and for possible living relatives. Her mother, maybe a brother, her father, and other prisoners, without whose care no child could have survived the inhuman conditions, all came up in her research, but the details remained vague. Ingelore has dedicated herself to keeping the memory of the Nazi period alive. She meets with survivors, speaks publicly, and does educational work, yet she questions herself, her role, and her search for answers.

Director Jule von Hertell

Producer Jule von Hertell

Cast Ingelore Prochnow, Heike Rode, Klaus Prochnow, Frau Sonntag

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