Filmforum, Germany 2021, 88 Min., ger. OV with audio description

“You have to cut back,” says the doctor unequivocally when Marko visits him complaining of back pains. But that is difficult for the widower to do. The single father wants his son to be able to study so that he can one day get a job in which he “does not have to wear a name tag” – unlike Marko, who has been delivering frozen food for the Eisland company to a predominantly elderly clientele for almost 30 years. The good-natured Marko is particularly popular with the lonely ladies; he politely takes off his shoes in the hallway, always likes to chat, and sometimes even just stops by for an eggnog. But then he is forced into early retirement because of his back problems. Faced by a fateful chain of circumstances, he makes a bold decision: he conceals the death of a wealthy customer and collects her pension. If only it weren't for the curious neighbour, who starts blackmailing him. And then his son also becomes suspicious. There is only one person who can help: Marko's idol, Roland Kaiser.

Director Ute Wieland

Screenplay Maximilian Kaufmann

Producer Michael Eckelt

Production Company Riva Filmproduktion GmbH, Friedensallee 14-16, 22765 Hamburg, Mail: hamburg@rivafilm.de, Web: www.rivafilm.de

Cast Axel Prahl (Marko), Merlin Rose (Markos Sohn), Christine Schorn (Frau Horn), Inge Maux (Frau Meuer), Jan Henrik Stahlberg (Nachbar)

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